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Chaotic Witch Aunt x Jewitches Herb Bundle

Chaotic Witch Aunt x Jewitches Herb Bundle

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5 herbs, countless uses. 


Introducing Jewitches x Chaotic Witch Aunt.


At the nexus of Italian and Jewish folk magic exist medicinal, magical, and ritual plants, honored and prized beyond measure. These plant allies have a long and varied history within Italian and Jewish cultures alike. We teamed up with Italian-American folk practitioner, Frankie Castanea (also known as @ChaoticWitchAunt) to hand curate this incredible selection of potent herbs just for you.


Each herb comes in a specially chosen amount to allow you to try it out in your magical formulas. Sustainably packaged in curbside recyclable and biodegradable pouches with a short description of its uses in both Jewish and Italian folk practices. 


“This collection of herbs contains some of my most loved herbal allies and herbs that I can not see my practice being the same without.” @chaoticwitchaunt


Bay Laurel .5 oz

Laurus nobilis L.


Bay laurel is often a popular ingredient in cooking, particularly in braising & stews. In Jewish magic, they were referenced in love rituals of the Medieval period. Burning bay leaves is a popular practice for cleansing, protection & infusing a space with intention. These leaves can be carried or kept in the home for protective purposes.


Hyssop .5 oz

Hyssopus officinalis L.


Hyssop is an herb of purification. Whole twigs were used in rites of purification after touching the dead, & the sprinkling of waters of lustration were performed with hyssop branches. It is also used in rites of purification for spiritual afflictions. Romans used it to bring protection against the plague. It can be burnt as a purification tool, or used in cleansing spells to aid in removing negative influences.


Olive Leaf .5 oz

Olea europaea

Olive leaves are one of the first herbs mentioned in the Torah. It is a symbol of peace, spiritually cleansing and inviting calm. It is renowned for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Olive leaf is often known well in Italian Folk Magic for it’s usage in olive oil and the diagnosis of malocchio cures, some cures recorded even using whole leaves. In Ancient Rome and Greece it was hailed for it’s medicinal purposes to treat numerous health conditions.


Rose .5 oz

Rosa centifolia L.


A gentle healer, roses are frequently mentioned within Jewish classical texts & are one of the most renowned symbols of love. They can be used for love, protection, self-love, healing, and luck, among others. Historically burned as incense, applied topically, & taken internally.


Rue .25 oz

Ruta graveolens


A powerful herb for both spiritual & physical purposes. Prized by Jewish communities for its protective properties, rue is one of the most important herbs in defense of the evil eye. Planting it, wearing it, & placing it around the home or near those who need extra protection (birthing parents, newborn infants, brides, etc). Historically used to cure ailments of the eyes, as well as stomach ailments. Also used for love, healing, health, and freedom.

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