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Dreaming the World To Come

Dreaming The World to Come 5784 | PRE-SALE

Dreaming The World to Come 5784 | PRE-SALE

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Pre-Sale! WILL BEGIN SHIPPING IN OCTOBER, BARRING ANY COMPLICATIONS. Look for updates on our Instagram story, but be patient! We're a tiny company working with other tiny companies, so please be flexible & remember that we list the month for a reason--We ship out in the order received! 9/30 update: we have begun shipping out orders in the order they were received! 

From the innovative centers of Jewish culture and community comes a new calendar for the year ahead:

Come celebrate the beauty of diaspora, and the inspiration of our waking and sleeping dreams. Track your dreams, plan daily tasks, record gratitudes, goals, and intentions. Start a Rosh Chodesh circle and use this as your guide. Join the community! Indwelling is dedicated to 'listening to legacies of wisdom including Palestinian self-determination, Black Power, Land Back, Disability Justice, queer liberation, and Jewish legacies of reverence and resistance". 

Indwelling Dreams of Olam haBa includes:

• Wisdom from 36+ visionaries, activists, mystics, artists, and movement builders

• Jewish holidays & important dates

• Weekly cycles of Shabbat

• Monthly cycles of Rosh Chodesh

• Archetypes, Tarot, astrology, plants, body parts, and Hebrew letter associations for each month

• Daily moon phases

6” x 9” | 250 pages | gold coil binding

full color matte cover

Praise for the planner: 

“This planner feels so much bigger than a calendar… like a book club that lasts all year where we connect with it to connect to ourselves, community, the earth and time.”
— Shae Bousquet, nurse, queer artist, San Francisco, CA


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