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Floral Herb Bundle

Floral Herb Bundle

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This beginner herb bundle is perfect for diving into the world of florals. With three classics (rose, jasmine, and lavender), you're all set to begin making incense, trying out ritual, or anointing your home with the incredible magic of these powerful flowers.


Each floral bundle comes with a half ounce of each herb, individually packaged and labeled in paper and glassine bags for easy use.


When you're ready to expand, try shopping each herb individually in the apothecary!


Rose .5 oz

Rosa centifolia L.


A gentle healer, roses are frequently mentioned within Jewish classical texts & are one of the most renowned symbols of love. They can be used for love, protection, self-love, healing, and luck, among others. Historically burned as incense, applied topically, & taken internally.


Jasmine .5 oz

Jasminum officinale L.

A flower of love, Jasmine is often thought to be the plant referred to in Bereishit 30:14. The blossoms are known as an aphrodisiac. It is frequently added to flower blends to beautify the scent of the home. It is also a popular ingredient for tea to aid in liver function, depression, mood, menstrual pains, skin irritation, and stomach pains. 


Lavender .5 oz

Lavandula spp.

Lavender is often used to heal minor skin irritations like minor burns. Its soothing scent is often promoted for sleep, relaxation, and peace. It can be used for cleaning and purification.



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