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Jewitches Amulet Coin

Jewitches Amulet Coin

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Inspired by the age-old tradition of creating Jewish amulets, this stunning coin is inscribed with the Hebrew phrase "אדני ישמר־צאתך ובואך מעתה ועד־עולם", which translates to: "The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore." This phrase originates within the Book of Psalms (Tehillim), specifically Psalm 121:8. Psalm 121 has long been held as extraordinarily protective, hence its use on numerous amulets throughout the ages. On the front is "שׁדי" (Shaddai), an epithet of HaShem. 

This amulet was inspired by two vintage Jewish amulets found in the Gross Collection of the Center For Jewish Art. After months of workshopping, Jewitches settled on a design that combined both. 

Each amulet coin is 1-3/4" inches and ships in an individual muslin bag. Each is unique and may have slight defects, marks, or notches. This is normal.

Made from Brass with Antique Copper Plating

Designed in the USA by Jewitches, manufactured in China

Sold as curio only. 

Jewish tradition teaches that the names of HaShem are sacred, and as such should not be brought into unclean spaces (like the restroom). In accordance with the opinion of respected Jewish sages, the amulet should not be brought into the restroom. If it is not possible (such as when you’re traveling), make sure it is covered by two barriers to the outside world (like the pouch inside of your purse, or your wallet inside your pocket).

If any point you wish to get rid of the coin, please reach out to Jewitches and a pre-paid return slip will be provided, free of charge. If you choose to get rid of it another way, please do so in compliance with tradition regarding the sacred names of HaShem.

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