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Jewitches To-Do Notepad

Jewitches To-Do Notepad

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Explore the charm of our delightful mini desk notepad, tailored to help you manage your day effectively while keeping all your essential tasks in mind.

Enjoy designated sections for both Gregorian and Hebrew dates, ensuring you stay connected to your schedule across calendars. Circle weekdays effortlessly with designated spaces for Monday to Friday.

Utilize the designated areas to jot down your to-do list and track your top five priority items. Stay on top of your daily routine with sections for recurring tasks and reminders, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Stay connected to your spiritual practices with a space for candle lighting and Havdalah times. And never forget to reach out with a spot just for emails & calls. Is it a Jewish holiday today? Never forget with the dedicated 'Holiday?' line.

Featuring 50 easy-tear pages crafted from high-quality, sustainably milled heavyweight paper.

Proudly printed in the USA by an employee-owned company.

5.5 x 8.5 

From Jewitches

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