Jewitches Services

Jewitches is proud to offer consultation and sensitivity reading services focused on ensuring accurate and nuanced representation of Jewish culture, history, and themes in various forms of media. Our founder holds a degree in English with a specialization in Creative Writing and Fiction.

We have in-depth knowledge of Ashkenazi customs, history, and cultural practices across a variety of traditions. Additionally, we specialize in Jewish magic, folk practice, and folklore, with extensive research and writing on Jewish magical creatures (golems, dybbukim, angels, sheydim, mud mice, etc), taboo practices, and folk traditions. Our expertise includes both historical and contemporary magical and folk practices, as well as breadth of knowledge surrounding non-Jewish mainstream magical practices (including Wicca, traditional witchcraft, and more).

We also offer a comprehensive understanding of antisemitism, including historic and modern antisemitism, blood libel, antisemitic portrayals of mythological creatures (like goblins, trolls, vampires, etc), the mythologizing of Jews, etc, and are therefore able to provide critical insights while addressing and acknowledging these tropes.

Jewitches is also queer and offers insight into the queer experience as a Jewish woman. 

Whether you're looking to have a sensitivity reader go through your work or looking to consult on historic Jewish magical practices, Jewitches is here to support you!


Sensitivity Reading

Sensitivity reading services are in 3 stages:

1. Initial read through

2. Feedback

3. Clarifications

During the initial read through, I will meticulously read through your document and provide in text-annotations. This may include suggestions and feedback.

Feedback will be compiled into a longer report. This report will include my larger recommendations for the text or project as well as citations for folklore, history, etc.

Once you have received your feedback, you have a chance to reach out with any further questions or clarifications needed.

Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks after receiving your manuscript. If you need an expedited timeline, this can be negotiated.


Not writing a book or not ready for a manuscript read-through? Not to worry! We offer a variety of services aimed towards projects! Project consultation can take two main forms:

A written Q&A will include compiling a list of questions that we will answer (citations included as needed).

Zoom Consultations include scheduling a time to sit down and answer questions as needed.

For both, you can send over your budget and we can work out a time plan that works best for you.


Sensitivity Reading is traditionally charged per word: Jewitches Per Word Rate is $0.014.

A down payment of $120 is required for all sensitivity reading services. This will then go towards the individual project. This down payment covers up to 8571 words.

Projects over 8571 words are charged at $0.014 per word.

Consultation is priced by the hour at a rate of $90.

An hour is great for quick questions, brainstorming sessions, and confirmations.

Longer consultations are more suitable for in-depth discussions, lots of citations, and project planning.

Sliding Scale

In an effort to remain accessible to people of all economic backgrounds, we do offer sliding scale pricing.


Payment is available via PayPal, Shopify listing (created for you), and Venmo.

A down payment of $120 is required for all sensitivity reading services. This will then go towards the individual project.

Consultation requires a 50% down payment.

How do you price your services?

Prices are calculated based on

  • Expertise
  • Time and Resources
  • Cost of living

Areas of Expertise

  • Ashkenazi Jewish culture
  • Jewish magic, mythology, folklore, and creatures
  • Antisemitism, past and present
  • Antisemitic tropes and mythology
  • Queer Jewish experience
  • Vegan and gluten-free representation (odd, but important!)

We do not provide translation services or foreign language expertise.