Shop Questions

I'm not Jewish, can I still shop here?

Of course! The shop, while curated by and for Jews, is open to all.

We ask that you use discernment and respect regarding culturally and religiously significant items. Items like the Havdalah kit, a Jewish ritual, are made for Jewish ritual, which are for Jewish people.

Do you ship to my country?

Check out our Shipping & Story policies page for a full list of our shipping locations! You can find it here.

How long before I get my order?

As Jewitches is run by just one person, allow for 2-14 days of processing before shipping out. Once shipped, you will receive tracking for your purchase.

Are you sustainable?

Did you know that there is no regulation on what sustainable actually means for a business? Because of this, sustainable is a bit of a buzz word that some companies use to appear more ethical or eco-friendly without actually discussing what they do. So we try to be transparent about our efforts:

All Jewitches packaging is recycleable as well as reusable. Our "filler" material is made of junk mail and other paper materials heading to the dumpster. The packing peanuts are biodegradable and have been sent to us by our suppliers shipping product, so by the time they make it to you, they've already been re-used once! Once in your hands, you can reuse, recycle, burn, or compost as you please.

We also include as few printed materials as possible to cut down on un-needed waste.

We are constantly updating to continue growing as a company in the safest way possible.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve, we're always open to learning!

Can you carry my product?

We are extremely excited to work with artisans. Feel free to reach out to us about your product and we'll see if it has a place in the shop!

Why didn't you list a specific herb?

We specifically cater towards Jewish practitioners and herbs, though we also carry classic herbs found in most apothecary shops. We only source herbs from verifiable farms that treat their employees well as well as take care of the land they farm. That means that sometimes we won't be able to find a supplier for certain herbs.

Why didn't you list a specific property about an herb?

The description of the herbs provided here is very brief and intended to look from a Jewish perspective. It is in no way complete description of every understanding, purpose or use of the herb at hand.

How do you price your herbs?

The price of herbs is based on standard industry pricing as well as the herbs themselves. We do our best to keep fair, accessible pricing while also sourcing from reliable, trustworthy farms. Because of this, we may only offer organic varieties, which are generally more expensive.

How much of an herb do I get?

Each herb is sold by the ounce.

The photos on the listings are approximately one ounce, as a guide for how much to expect from each herb.

Where are your products made?

Our products are proudly made all over the Diaspora, from the USA, Canada, Europe, etc!

In-house Jewitches products are made on Tongva Land in California.

Do you do gift orders?

All packages include a packing slip. This includes both the shipping and billing addresses, names, and included contact information (like email). If you want to include a note (nothing too long!), make a note at checkout. Any notes sent after via email or website are not guaranteed.

I dm'd you on Insta, but you didn't respond?

Due to a huge influx of DM's, we do not conduct shop business over Instagram DM's! It's much too difficult to keep orders/emails/accounts clear over DM's, so if you need to reach us for any reason, please do so over email!

An account that looks like your's DM'd me asking me to pay for a tarot reading...Is this a scammer?

That is a scammer. Jewitches does not offer tarot readings. We do not DM people asking for money. We have two public accounts on Instagram (@jewitches & @shopjewitches). We will never DM you asking for money for tarot readings of any kind.

Unfortunately, Instagram refuses to take down these accounts. Please block and report them!

Where is the Deck?

The Deck has gone through its last printing and we don't currently have plans to bring it back. Thank you so much for your interest. We hope to bring out more Jewish decks soon!

General FAQ's

I'm patrilineal and want to practice, can I?

We preface this with the fact that we are not a rabbi or spiritual authority. Our opinions are formed through conversations with Our communities.

Rabbis are trained to deal with this kind of thing. They can guide you on your journey to finding yourself in relationship to Judaism. So, while you can read on, the most important thing to remember is that your case is unique and you should speak to a rabbi within your movement of Judaism.

According to certain "traditional" interpretations of Jewish law (Halacha/Halakha), Jewish religious identity is passed down through the maternal lineage. There are some movements that accept patrilineal Jews without conversion, while other movements do not. This means that in some situations, a patrilineal Jew may not be considered Jewish by some Jews. As a result, some patrilineal Jews, especially those who were not raised in Judaism, choose to go through the conversion process. Conversion does take time, but it gives some patrilineal Jews the chance to learn everything they didn't get a chance to learn growing up, if they weren't raised in a Jewish space. Some report that it is helpful in removing the feeling of imposter syndrome that some people may feel. In the end, whether or not you practice is entirely up to you. I, nor anyone, cannot make that decision for you.

This is specific to people with patrilineal heritage. For heritage that is further back than a parent (grandparents, etc, read the next one).

Am I Jewish? Can I practice?

Contact a rabbi.

Rabbis are trained to deal with this kind of thing. They can guide you on your journey to finding yourself in relationship to Judaism. So, while you can read on, the most important thing to remember is that your case is unique and you should speak to a rabbi!

It is important to note that "Jewish DNA" does not automatically make you part of the Jewish community. Commonly accepted halakha, as mentioned above, requires you to have a direct Jewish maternal line, with other movements accepting (1) direct Jewish parent. Finding out you have Jewish ancestry wouldn't change your identity. For many people, the two options are as follows:

1. Conversion or 2. sticking to having Jewish heritage, rather than becoming part of the Jewish community through conversion. This would not change your heritage. You would be a person with Jewish heritage.

Being Jewish is being part of a peoplehood. You cannot practice Judaism without being part of the peoplehood.

Obviously, there are massively diverse experiences within the Jewish community. These answers are generalized and may not pertain to you--which is why my next piece of advice is the most important:

Contact a rabbi.

Is Judaism a closed religion / practice?

Yes, like all Jewish things, it is debated as some people prefer the term semi-closed, but it is generally understood that it is a closed religion as in order to practice Judaism, you must be Jewish. The only ways to be Jewish are to be born into it or to convert (initiate). Our practices are therefore closed.

This is very new terminology not used previously/frequently in academic spaces, so many rabbis and scholars will not understand what is being asked when asked "is Judaism closed".

Are converts "fully Jewish" and can they practice?"


You didn't answer my question here!

Not to worry! Check out our blogs and if your question hasn't been answered there, there is always the contact button!