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Jewitches Protection Pouch

Jewitches Protection Pouch

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Throughout the Jewish diaspora, small pouches became a natural amulet for carrying apotropaic devices and ingredients; each community coming to give them their own names and recipes, though these names varied, as did the ingredients placed within them. In Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi communities, they may at times be known as baytelech, while Ladino-speaking Sefardic communities may refer to them as Bulsika. 


Prefer to assemble at home? Use this list as a guide! 

Included within the Jewitches protection pouch:

Iron Nail

Our ancestors taught of the protective powers of iron and how carrying a small, sharp object (like needles!) would protect one when crossing through places infested with evil (like bridges). These small, forged iron nails are reminiscent of this tradition, with the added benefit of being forged from iron: a substance traditionally known for its protective powers. 


Salt is one of the ultimate purifying and protective substances within Judaism, afterall, we are taught that it is not a meal without salt. There are numerous rituals for protection and healing including salt, including removing and preventing the evil eye, as well as removing unclean forces. 

Red Thread

Red thread was one of the ultimate defenses of Jewish mothers; hemming shirts with it, tying it around the wrists of infants, around beds and cradles, using the red thread as a method of neutralizing and absorbing the evil eye. 


Seven cloves, a number often associated with protection against demonic and unclean forces within Judaism (for example, a Jewish bride circling their partner seven times), are included within each pouch. The pungent scent of cloves are believed to ward off evil, as well as the evil eye. Burning these cloves is included in a ritual to remove the evil eye as the popping sound is an indicator of its presence.


Ruta graveolens has historically been one of the most prized plants for protection amongst the Diaspora, having a place in spiritual and medicinal ritual. It was often planted outside the home, placed in pouches, burned, made into tea, and included in various rituals for healing, protection, and curing. 

The Pouch

The pouch itself is made of 100% cotton and is 2″ x 0.8″ x 3″ (small) or 4.25” x 3” (large) meaning it fits easily in jacket pockets, purses, and vehicles. 


Suggested add-ins

Feel free to add in your own ingredients! Included in many such pouches were cloves of garlic, pieces of amber, blue beads, and gold. 


How does it arrive?

Each pouch will arrive deconstructed with your cloves, rue, and salt in separate packages for easy assembly. Your iron nail and length of red thread will be included within the cotton pouch. This allows you to choose which items you would like to include as well as ritually prepare your pouch as per your own tradition.


Carry in your pockets, purse, or bags; alternatively, place on a chain or string and wear as a necklace. You can also keep in your vehicle for safe travels. Remove nail when going where weapons are prohibited.

The protection pouch is not for consumption. The nail is sharp, so take safety precautions when holding or carrying with you. Not intended for children.  

Legal Warning

The product and included information are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, illness, or harm to the purchaser, nor replace professional medical advice. Information included is for educational purposes only. This product is sold as a curio or novelty only and we make absolutely no claims or guarantees for any results in any manner. Buyer assumes all responsibility for purchase and releases the seller from all liability. Sold for entertainment purposes only. 

Jewitches does not sell any product intended for consumption or medical use. 


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