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Brown Jasper Tumbled Stones

Brown Jasper Tumbled Stones

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Consciously sourced from Brazil, these beautiful tumbled Brown Jasper Crystals are a perfect addition to your practice. Jasper is the Stone of the Tribe of Benjamin... 

Benjamin: Yashpeh [jasper]. This is Benjamin's; it is called diaspi, & is found in a variety of colors: green, black, & red, because Benjamin knew that Joseph had been sold, & often considered revealing this to Jacob, & his face would turn all colors as he debated whether to disclose his secret or to keep it hidden; but he restrained himself & kept the matter concealed. This stone yashfeh, because it was a bridle on his tongue, has also the power to restrain the blood. 

On average, these stones are between 20-50 mm each. 

Please note that each crystal is unique, with variations in color, shape, weight, and natural cracks. The images above are example and the crystal you may receive may vary slightly from the images or descriptions provided. Colors may vary due to lighting conditions and mineral variations, shapes may differ from the ones pictured, weights may vary naturally, and natural cracks are a result of their formation process. 

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