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Channukah Ritual Guide | Digital Download

Channukah Ritual Guide | Digital Download

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Experience a meaningful Channukah this year with our comprehensive digital guide for Diasporic celebrations.

Get Jewitches to deepen your ritual understanding and enhance your celebration! Download now and start enriching your Channukah traditions.

  • Included within are the three traditional blessings said over channukah candles; Available in Hebrew, English, and with the Ashkenazi transliteration for easy usage for all!
  • A few food suggestions from across the Diaspora as well as a simple, no-mess latke recipe if it is your first time!
  • Instructions for Dreidel divination!
  • Discussions of Diasporic Jewish traditions
  • A Chanukah glossary
  • What spelling is best?
  • Hillel Vs. Shammai
  • Menorah, Channukiah? Candles? Oil? Answers to all that & more!

Everyone can experience this guide free of charge, as we don't want money to be a barrier to access. However, if you have the means, please consider leaving a tip in order to support our work!


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