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Dreaming the World To Come

Jewish Magic, Healing & Art Part 1 - $126

Jewish Magic, Healing & Art Part 1 - $126

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This class is offered via Teachable in partnership with Rebekah Erev Studio.


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In Part One we will explore in depth some of the topics we explored in the introductory course. This is a deep dive into ancient and modern magic, healing and art of diasporic Judaism. Jewish rites associated with the occult, the magic of the everyday, practices of the home and those kept by women and nonbinary people have often been forgotten or concealed because of violence, assimilation and white supremacy.

But our practices of resistance and earth reverence live in the altar of the Shabbat table and in the light reflected in our friend’s eyes. They are inscribed in the clay of our doorway mezuzah and our precious hands touch them. They live in the spices we smell during havdalah, the scent taking us back to the earth our ancestors stepped on while harvesting these sacred plants. In this cohort, we will illuminate what has been hidden and celebrate a revived Jewish practice through song, chants, lectures, guided meditations, medicine-making, the crafting of magical objects, and the building of community.

 This space affirms that your life is Jewish magic, and the ways we collaborate with the energy of life has potential to heal our world. Magic manifests in many ways including through our art, work with plants, organizing for social change, and the ways we intend for our life to be a ritual.

Some of the ancient Jewish teachings we will explore in this cohort include water rites and mikveh, amulets, mirror magic, Jewish time and the moon, incantation bowls, the Sefer Yetzirah (Jewish mystical text that predates the kabbalah), magical practices working with plants and animals, Jewish astrology, angels and demons.

We will also learn from amazing guest teachers who are queer Jewish magic practitioners, artists, healers, community organizers and change-makers. These teachers center ritual, magic, and social change within their art practices and will guide us in doing hands-on activities together. In addition to our study of ancient Jewish teachings, we’ll receive inspiration from these contemporary artists, community organizers, and ritualists who are innovating work for the healing of all beings. Together we become the living dream of our ancestors.

This class is available to you regardless of spiritual background. Those with both beginner and advanced knowledge, people interested in converting to Judaism, curious about Judaism, and more are encouraged to participate in a non-Zionist space. No knowledge of Judaism or Hebrew necessary.

 Access Information: This online class is hosted on the Teachable platform. It is a mixture of videos that include closed captions, transcripts of the videos and detailed PDF’s that accompany the videos and move you through the class. You can study these materials at your own pace!

Purchase to receive the Jewitches specialty link to enroll for $126 and you will have lifetime access to these materials.

Class Includes

  • 10 Videos from Rebekah including lectures, demos, meditations, writing prompts, creative activities and rituals
  • 3 Videos from guest teachers including ritual activities and unique learnings
  • 6 Lengthy PDF’s with a wealth of knowledge, activities and rituals
  • 2 Resource documents with reference materials and Jewish Magic community connections
  • A 15% discount code to purchase the Ritual Box that accompanies this course

Guest Teachers

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo (they/them/Lukaza) is an artist, activist, educator, storyteller & curator.

Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt (she/her) is an artist and cultural worker engaging in place-based art and research projects.

Mazal Masoud Etedgi (they/them/theirs) is a trans/non-binary artist, arab/mizrahi/amazigh jew, first-gen, spoonie/chronically ill person, herbalist, Drama Therapist, clown, and cultural organizer. 

Lead Teacher: Rebekah Erev (they/them) is a queer artist, teacher, ritual leader, dream worker, gardener, and healer. They were ordained as a kohenet, a Hebrew priestexx, in 2012 through the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. For over two decades they have practiced and taught a Judaism steeped in the old ways, ancestral and earth reverence and visions of the world to come; inspired and guided by Indigenous self-determination, abolition, disability justice and Black liberation movements. They create art, plant medicine, and ritual tools. Rebekah celebrates the gifts of diaspora with Queer Mikveh Project: a community, advocacy tool and art practice and Dreaming the World to Come: a community project and podcast that follows the Hebrew calendar. Rebekah has a very mixed heritage including Ukraine, Lithuania, the Celtic Isles, the Faroe Islands, Finland and beyond. They currently live on Squaxin land colonially known as Olympia, WA with their partner and animal companions.

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