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Jewitches Digital 2024 Calendar

Jewitches Digital 2024 Calendar

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Introducing our Jewitches Digital 2024 Calendar, which seamlessly integrates the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars. Designed with the needs of the modern Jewish community in mind, this digital calendar is a celebration of Diaspora, spirituality, and the cyclical magic of time.

    • Dual Calendar System
    • Diasporic Holidays
    • Weekly Parashot
    • Hebrew Transliteration
    • Angel/Zodiac/Quality/Element of the Hebrew Month

Stay effortlessly organized with our calendar, which effortlessly combines both the Gregorian and Hebrew/Jewish calendars. Jewish holidays are in accordance with the Diasporic schedule. Take time to incorporate the weekly Parashot into your schedule,  as each portion is highlighted on Friday, providing you with an opportunity to engage at your leisure. Our Jewitches Digital 2024 Calendar is designed with inclusivity in mind: it is written with Hebrew transliterations, making it accessible for all members of the community, regardless of language proficiency. Delve into the mystical aspects of time with insights into the angel, zodiac sign, quality, and element associated with each Hebrew month.

Timekeeping is magical and political:

our Jewitches Digital 2024 Calendar is a means of grasping Jewish timekeeping in the palm of your hand.

This is a digital product. You will receive a download link in your inbox for the PDF which can be used digitally or printed out.

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