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Ritual Black Salt

Ritual Black Salt

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Our Ritual Black Salt is carefully crafted with a unique blend of coarse kosher sea salt and charcoal made with a selection of burnt herbs, including both fresh and dried rosemary, mint, rue, cloves, and hyssop. This precise combination of ingredients results in a truly special salt that is perfect for your ritual needs. 

The coarse texture of the salt allows for easy distribution and application. Packaged in a 4 oz glass jar.

Our Ritual Black Salt is meticulously crafted and designed specifically for spiritual and ritual purposes. It is essential to adhere to the following warning to ensure your safety and well-being:

Do Not Consume: This product is not intended for internal use. It is for external use only and should never be ingested. The ingredients and composition of our Ritual Black Salt are not suitable for consumption and may pose health risks if ingested.

For Ritual Use Only: Our Ritual Black Salt is exclusively intended for use in spiritual practices, ceremonies, and rituals. It should never be used as a culinary ingredient or ingested in any manner.

We strongly emphasize that proper caution should be exercised when handling and storing our Ritual Black Salt. Keep it out of reach of children and pets, and store it in a secure location away from food items to prevent accidental ingestion.

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