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Rough Hematite Stone

Rough Hematite Stone

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Consciously sourced from India, these stunning amethyst crystals are a perfect addition to your practice.

The tome Jewish Magic Before the Rise of Kabbalah discusses magic gems extensively, with Harari describing "about 5,000 such gems known today found mainly in the eastern Mediterranean... Lava, carnelian, a variety of jasper stones, lapis lazuli, sard, hematite, magnetite, limonite, and more. Some are also made of glass." ³ These magic stones could be engraved with the names of G-d, words, and symbols (like an etrog, lulav, menorah, etc), or be left whole.

On average, these stones are between 25-40mm each. 

Please note that each crystal is unique, with variations in color, shape, weight, and natural cracks. The images above are example and the crystal you may receive may vary slightly from the images or descriptions provided. Colors may vary due to lighting conditions and mineral variations, shapes may differ from the ones pictured, weights may vary naturally, and natural cracks are a result of their formation process. 


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